My First Time

Ooh, my first blog post, very exciting!!

Another reason to be excited is I have just bought a new sewing machine, the one I have already I bought second hand a couple of years ago and it really is on it’s way out, it probably just needs a service but I’d rather upgrade and get a new one.

I have settled on the Janome 4623 as it was the best I could get for my budget, I’m waiting for it to arrive, it should come any day, maybe tomorrow!

In the mean time I have been practising and making some simple items with my current machine.

The first project I tackled was this dress by the April 2007 Prima Pattern which came free with Prima Magazine. I bought the fabric from Husseins Fabrics in Green Street, Forest Gate, the fabric along with the thread, zip and a collosal sheet of interfacing came to a grand total of £9.

The pattern and instructions were very easy to follow and the bodice is all one piece, no sleeves, yay!!! (I hate sleeves, attaching them that is , not wearing them) the only bits I had problems with was the interfacing on the V-neck, I spent ages trying to work out how to get the ‘point’ at the ‘v’ to lay flat, crisp and sharp, mine kept puckering up, I got it in the end, well nearly.

The other bit I had a HUGE problem with is putting in the concelaed zip but that was due to the fact I’d never done one before, had no-one to show me and didn’t have the appropriate foot.

Here is the finished result…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Villain Extraordinaire
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 20:21:00

    Super cute! I have always wanted to try a dress pattern with sleeves like that. I will have to find one now!


  2. annabombination
    Jul 28, 2007 @ 06:37:43

    Thank you !
    I admire your taste and skills so I really appreciate that.


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